Another Year and Two Less Teeth



This birthday comes just days after losing your second front tooth, yet it seems like mere months ago that your first pearly white popped through your swollen gums. It’s been a quick 6 years to say the least.


It took you forever to get a headful of hair and today you’ve got enough for three people.



We spend our mornings reading and writing and you spend every moment possible in the afternoon splashing around in the pool, the same pool you learned to swim in just a couple of months ago.  Today you jump in and dive under like you’ve been doing it for years.


You’re the best big sister around, and would do anything you could to help out.  You love to pick out everyone’s clothes, and you’re sure to remind your brothers when they wear the same things too often.  We love you sweet girl and hope you have a wonderful birthday!  We’re so blessed to call you our oldest daughter and can’t wait to see what the Lord has for you in the future.



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