March Birthdays


Here we are again in the waiting phase of spring, everyone wishing, praying for the weather to get warm and stay there. And in the midst of all the discontentment every year your birthday falls.

Your birthday.  One of the most content people I know.

This year makes you thirteen.  When we asked you the other day what you thought you might want to do when you get older you said pretty much anything outdoors.


“As long as I can be outside most of the day”.  You can see beauty in creation, beauty in everything really.  You take time to appreciate all things, and I’m sorry that we sometimes have to speed you along.  For you, life moves at a slower pace.  I pray that that doesn’t change with age.  I pray that you can always sip and not slurp, chew and not devour.

I pray that you continue to bring out the very best in people, not everyone can do that.  I pray that you continue to work hard and soak in every bit of information you can.

Thank you for teaching us all to be more content.  I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use you in the future.  You are special, you are loved by many, and you are made for something great!

Happy birthday, we love you!

Dad and Mom


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