Happy Birthday, we’re new at this…

gavyn15blog-2   The good news is we’ve been 15 before, the bad news we’ve never parented a 15-year- old before.

So while you’re enjoying all the new experiences and exciting times that comes with these years, we’re sitting in a corner rocking back and forth.  I’m kidding,….well mostly.


In the last eight months you’ve spent a week away from home, taken Driver’s Ed, spent many evenings learning at the fire department, been on two weekend hiking trips with Civil Air Patrol, done relief work after a natural disaster, made it over halfway through your first year of high school, learned to play Foo Fighters on the guitar (bless you), and today….your drivers permit.  And yes I’m sure I’ve blocked out a few things as well.


All of that to say, we are so proud of you, and a tiny bit terrified.

But here’s our promise to you.  We will continue to seek His guidance and try to get more things right than wrong.  We will love you no matter what and offer grace when it’s needed.  But we’re going to get things wrong sometimes just like you are, and we’re going to need a little grace ourselves.


We love that we are getting to take this journey with you and we are praying daily for you and for us, that we can be the parents that He desires for us to be.

So Happy 15th Birthday to our oldest child, we’re in for this ride, let’s do this!

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