Happy Birthday to Our Lover of Outdoors, Fire, and Sharp Things

The day before your 14th birthday we spent surrounded by family, fire, and the outdoors.  There aren’t three things that I can think of that you love any more, except maybe knives and camping.  This year has found you making great progress with Civil Air Patrol, doing service work out of town, thriving in your first year of high school, loving your Biology class, making new friends, and having some great new experiences.

Your heart for people still amazes me.  You will never know the effect that your kind words and affection do for other people.

We pray for you daily as we navigate these teenage years together.  There will continue to be ups and downs, lots of room for growth and learning, many chances to offer grace.

We just love you so much and pray that you have a wonderful  birthday today, and that you spend time outside in your favorite space doing the things that you love!

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