When you reach the double digits…

It’s always sobering when our kids reach the double digits.  Suddenly sixteen and eighteen look so much closer to ten than you would ever think.  But, today is your day buddy!  

Here are some things about you on your tenth birthday.

  1. You eat a lot.  I mean a whole lot and I don’t quite understand where you put it all.  Beyond that you really enjoy getting all into your eating, like you haven’t eaten in a very long time.
  2. You still love Legos.  I’ll also add you love Nerf guns and, as always, you love to be in the water.
  3. You are doing great with the fiddle.  Your weekly lessons are really paying off and you are making great progress.
  4. You’re good at math.  I don’t know who you get it from either, but boy and I’m glad that you like it.
  5. You love making decisions but sometimes take a while to make them.  It’s okay to put a lot of thought into things, maybe just not everything needs to be agonized over for days.
  6. You’re an awesome brother.  So sometimes you have to clean up toys you weren’t playing with and sometimes you have to calm down your pool splashing, but you take it in stride and you’re a great brother.
  7. You’re still a very funny guy.  I’m sure you get it from your daddy.
  8. You want to live in the country when you grow up.  The city is simply too confining and you need space to roam.  I feel you son.
  9. You’re a peace-maker.  And I love you for it because we need all the peace-makers in this family that we can get.
  10. You really like cake.  Cake, candy, ice cream, pie, you name it, you like it all.  And, yes, I will make sure you have something sweet on your birthday even though all of your cake it gone already.

Happy Birthday, we love you!

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