Happy Number Eight, and You’re Never Leaving the House

Today we took you out to lunch to celebrate year number eight and broke the news to you that you weren’t allowed to get any older.  Since you weren’t too happy about that we compromised and said you just couldn’t ever leave our house.  We feel like it’s a happy medium.

I’ll start by reminding you that we never expected to have a little girl, I mean there are three brothers before you.

But boy, are we glad that God saw fit to give you to us.  You’re a ball of sunshine for sure.  You bring so much laughter and smiles on a daily basis. You can find the joy in all things and every situation.  You’re my little girl who loves girly things but can also appreciate playing and working hard and even sweating on occasion.  You’re the best helper that one could have, and you never mind stepping in where you’re needed.

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have hand-picked a better daughter.

We love you our beautiful strawberry blonde, freckled first born girl!  We can’t wait to see what your future holds.  And assuming we have to both let you grow up and leave the house one day, we’re praying that we can continue to guide you with His help to be exactly what He desires you to be!

Happy eighth birthday, we love you!

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