Number Six Turns Four

In some ways it seems like you can’t possibly be turning four, that means you’re very close to Kindergarten and ready for a big kid booster seat.  In other ways you seem like you’ve been doing big kid things for a while, but I guess that’s to be expected, you have a hefty load of siblings to emulate on a daily basis.  Here’s what’s been going on with you lately.

  • You are so very loving to our new little one that will be arriving soon.  I’m praying that continues when she actually arrives.  You have big plans to fix her hair (assuming she has some), hold her, and give her a bath, among other things.  You love to feel her move, you give her kisses constantly, and don’t even mind when she tries to kick you off of my lap.  I’m praying you two will be best buddies.
  • You have this ability to get into a zone while playing, and have an amazing imagination.  You have certainly mastered the art of playing alone.
  • You are a bit picky about food.  You love cheeseburgers (who doesn’t) and pizza.  All other preferences are subject to change on a daily or hourly basis.
  • You are cuddly.  I just love this, and I hope you stay this way forever.
  • Everyone knows when you aren’t happy about something.  I’ll just say you wear your emotions on your sleeve.
  • You like all things girly.  I’m going to embrace this at the moment because I know that it’s quite possible that in a couple of more years you may be more on the tomboyish side (because, so. many. brothers) but for now, yes you may wear that dress today.

We just love you our Liddiebug and can’t wait to see the young lady that you continue to grow into.  Happy Birthday!

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