16 years later

16 years ago you were born with a heart shaped red spot your face, a true Valentine’s baby.  Hours of labor produced not only a little red heart on an adorable little boy but also a mama and a daddy for the very first time.  We didn’t have a clue what we were doing.

16 years and we’re still trying to figure it out.

I can’t say that we’ve always done everything right but I can promise you that these 16 years have been bathed in prayer.  Prayer for you and prayer for us as we’ve tried to guide you.  That will always continue, by the way, because even when we don’t have the right answers we know that prayer is always the right answer.

We’re proud of you son, more proud than you know.  We’re proud that you work hard for things that are important to you and that you see the benefit of hard work.  We’re proud that you have goals and have a course set to accomplish those goals.  We’re proud that you see your gifts and are using them.

Our prayers for you this year and into adulthood are simple.

We pray that you stay steadfast in seeking God’s will for your life.

We pray that you draw closer to Him than ever before.

We pray you always seek wise counsel.

We pray that you have a humble and honest heart even in times when your good judgment may lapse.

We pray that you always project good character, seek like-minded friends, and have people in your life that keep you accountable.

And lastly our promise to you son.  Never, ever think that you can’t talk to us about (fill in the blank) because we are always here and we will promise to always come with a loving heart instead of a judgmental one.  We are in this together, just like we have been for the last 16 years, and that will never change. We love you and Happy Birthday!!


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