16 years later

16 years ago you were born with a heart shaped red spot your face, a true Valentine’s baby.  Hours of labor produced not only a little red heart on an adorable little boy but also a mama and a daddy for the very first time.  We didn’t have a clue what we were doing.

16 years and we’re still trying to figure it out.

I can’t say that we’ve always done everything right but I can promise you that these 16 years have been bathed in prayer.  Prayer for you and prayer for us as we’ve tried to guide you.  That will always continue, by the way, because even when we don’t have the right answers we know that prayer is always the right answer.

We’re proud of you son, more proud than you know.  We’re proud that you work hard for things that are important to you and that you see the benefit of hard work.  We’re proud that you have goals and have a course set to accomplish those goals.  We’re proud that you see your gifts and are using them.

Our prayers for you this year and into adulthood are simple.

We pray that you stay steadfast in seeking God’s will for your life.

We pray that you draw closer to Him than ever before.

We pray you always seek wise counsel.

We pray that you have a humble and honest heart even in times when your good judgment may lapse.

We pray that you always project good character, seek like-minded friends, and have people in your life that keep you accountable.

And lastly our promise to you son.  Never, ever think that you can’t talk to us about (fill in the blank) because we are always here and we will promise to always come with a loving heart instead of a judgmental one.  We are in this together, just like we have been for the last 16 years, and that will never change. We love you and Happy Birthday!!


Turning Six and the Tooth That Won’t Leave

Today is your birthday and although I’m writing this a couple of days early, I feel like you’ll still be hanging onto that tooth.  You can twist it around, stick it our straight, turn it backwards, and yes it’s still hanging on.

You’ve been waiting for this day for a quite a while, marking the days off.  You’re well into your first year of school and you’re doing great.  You still have that giggle that can make anyone laugh, and you still have the smallest waist of anyone in the house.  You love playing but sometimes don’t like that games have rules.  You can make your own lunches, especially PB&J and you recently decided that your wanted a pet turtle.  Turns out they don’t really make the best pets so we’ve tabled that for the time being.  You recently accepted Jesus into your heart and were baptized shortly after by your daddy.  That was an exciting day for you and, of course, for all of us as well.

We’re super excited about what your 6th year has in store for you.  We love you and happy birthday!

Number Six Turns Four

In some ways it seems like you can’t possibly be turning four, that means you’re very close to Kindergarten and ready for a big kid booster seat.  In other ways you seem like you’ve been doing big kid things for a while, but I guess that’s to be expected, you have a hefty load of siblings to emulate on a daily basis.  Here’s what’s been going on with you lately.

  • You are so very loving to our new little one that will be arriving soon.  I’m praying that continues when she actually arrives.  You have big plans to fix her hair (assuming she has some), hold her, and give her a bath, among other things.  You love to feel her move, you give her kisses constantly, and don’t even mind when she tries to kick you off of my lap.  I’m praying you two will be best buddies.
  • You have this ability to get into a zone while playing, and have an amazing imagination.  You have certainly mastered the art of playing alone.
  • You are a bit picky about food.  You love cheeseburgers (who doesn’t) and pizza.  All other preferences are subject to change on a daily or hourly basis.
  • You are cuddly.  I just love this, and I hope you stay this way forever.
  • Everyone knows when you aren’t happy about something.  I’ll just say you wear your emotions on your sleeve.
  • You like all things girly.  I’m going to embrace this at the moment because I know that it’s quite possible that in a couple of more years you may be more on the tomboyish side (because, so. many. brothers) but for now, yes you may wear that dress today.

We just love you our Liddiebug and can’t wait to see the young lady that you continue to grow into.  Happy Birthday!

Happy Number Eight, and You’re Never Leaving the House

Today we took you out to lunch to celebrate year number eight and broke the news to you that you weren’t allowed to get any older.  Since you weren’t too happy about that we compromised and said you just couldn’t ever leave our house.  We feel like it’s a happy medium.

I’ll start by reminding you that we never expected to have a little girl, I mean there are three brothers before you.

But boy, are we glad that God saw fit to give you to us.  You’re a ball of sunshine for sure.  You bring so much laughter and smiles on a daily basis. You can find the joy in all things and every situation.  You’re my little girl who loves girly things but can also appreciate playing and working hard and even sweating on occasion.  You’re the best helper that one could have, and you never mind stepping in where you’re needed.

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have hand-picked a better daughter.

We love you our beautiful strawberry blonde, freckled first born girl!  We can’t wait to see what your future holds.  And assuming we have to both let you grow up and leave the house one day, we’re praying that we can continue to guide you with His help to be exactly what He desires you to be!

Happy eighth birthday, we love you!

When you reach the double digits…

It’s always sobering when our kids reach the double digits.  Suddenly sixteen and eighteen look so much closer to ten than you would ever think.  But, today is your day buddy!  

Here are some things about you on your tenth birthday.

  1. You eat a lot.  I mean a whole lot and I don’t quite understand where you put it all.  Beyond that you really enjoy getting all into your eating, like you haven’t eaten in a very long time.
  2. You still love Legos.  I’ll also add you love Nerf guns and, as always, you love to be in the water.
  3. You are doing great with the fiddle.  Your weekly lessons are really paying off and you are making great progress.
  4. You’re good at math.  I don’t know who you get it from either, but boy and I’m glad that you like it.
  5. You love making decisions but sometimes take a while to make them.  It’s okay to put a lot of thought into things, maybe just not everything needs to be agonized over for days.
  6. You’re an awesome brother.  So sometimes you have to clean up toys you weren’t playing with and sometimes you have to calm down your pool splashing, but you take it in stride and you’re a great brother.
  7. You’re still a very funny guy.  I’m sure you get it from your daddy.
  8. You want to live in the country when you grow up.  The city is simply too confining and you need space to roam.  I feel you son.
  9. You’re a peace-maker.  And I love you for it because we need all the peace-makers in this family that we can get.
  10. You really like cake.  Cake, candy, ice cream, pie, you name it, you like it all.  And, yes, I will make sure you have something sweet on your birthday even though all of your cake it gone already.

Happy Birthday, we love you!