Exodus 19-21

The presence of God on Sinai was unlike any other message ever preached.  We cannot stand before the judgment of God alone.  We must have Christ as our mediator.  We cannot stand on our good works, our good deeds or anything else.  God speaks to man in many ways and the law had been placed in their heart.  Their hearts had been filled with sin and had suffocated the law.  God had to remind them of the original law with the Ten Commandments.

The law is given and no man can live up to it or even measure it.  It reveals our true nature and the need for redemption.  Then we see judicial law given.  This has been carried down through time as a basis for the law of the land.

Exodus 16-18

The Israelites came into the wilderness of sin and began murmuring against their current conditions and God.  It had only been two months and the supplies have been used.  They look back to their lives in Egypt and wish that they had died in the plagues or never been delivered at all.

God hears all our doubts, our murmurings and dissent.  We should consider this and get in our minds that we will be a grateful people even before we are placed in these conditions.  God sends the supply in the form of quails and manna from above for forty years until they reach Canaan.  The bread was only good for a day except for on the Sabbath.  This made them be dependent and have faith that God would deliver the next day.

They reached an area that was dry and what did they do, they murmured….again.  God had brought them through so much, but they still questioned if God was with them.  We see ourselves do this all the time.  No matter what God has brought us through in the past we still question if He will be there in the future.  When we face a wall, we worry, then we try to scale the wall or run around it leaving God behind us.  When we fail to scale the wall we look around for God.  Where is He?  Right where we left Him.

Exodus 13-15

In remembrance of the death of the first-born of Egypt, the Passover, and the deliverance out of Egypt the first-born of the Israelites were to be set apart.  The were to be given to the service of God.  There were two ways from Egypt to Canaan.  God led the Israelites through the wilderness bypassing the most direct way.  The Lord led them by cloud and pillar of fire.

Pharaoh   thought them to be easy targets in the wilderness and set his army after them.  The Israelites trapped we see the resentment begin against Moses and God.  Why did you deliver us unto death?  The greatness and mercy of God has been all around them, yet they cannot see it in this time where the greates faith is needed.  Moses reassures them to look above for their deliverance.

When we cannot see a way through our troubles God opens a door or in this case parts a sea.  The Israelites walked across the Red Sea on dry ground.  The water crushed the Egyptian army as they followed behind.

Exodus 10-12

God promises a plague of Locusts to Pharoah unlike has ever been seen before if he did not let His people go.  Pharaoh essentially dared Moses to send the locusts.  Moses did as God commanded and the locusts overtook the land.  Pharaoh asked for forgiveness from God and told Moses he would let the people go.  But, again, he did not let them go.  Pharaoh sought out Moses and Aaron to pray to THEIR God for him.  Pharaoh didn’t have enough faith in God to pray to God directly he asked Moses and Aaron for prayer.  Still today we see people seekign out prayer from others, but they fail to pray themselves.

Then God sent the darkness, physically and mentally.  The Israelites had the light in their homes.  Three days of this thick darkness was unbearable.  Imagine a lifetime of this darkness.  The land was physically dark and spiritually dark.  Moses and Aaron were trying to bare the light for Pharaoh, but he remained dark.  The only thing that can cure the darkness then and today is THE LIGHT.

God resorts to the first plague that was threatened, the death of the first born.  We see that this is the first threatened and the last executed.  God’s mercy is exhibited in this progression.  God gives His order to observe the passover to the Israelite families.  God is a God of order and the ordinaces must be followed exactly.  This passover was to be continued through time as a remembrance.  The Jewish people still observe this today.  We, as Christians, do not observe the Passover because Christ is our Passover.

The Egyptians had been in darkness for three days and then God delivered on His promise.  No Egyptian family was overlooked.  No matter their social or political standing.  The first-born was taken in death no matter their age.  Can you imagine the horrorific screams and cries that were let out that night.  Pharoah complied after he witnessed this.

The Israelites began their journey to Succoth.  They were not alone.  There were those who saw no hope in the future of Egypt or those who just wanted to tag along.  Just like today there are those among the church who are not true believers.

Exodus 7-9

Moses and Aaron are reassured by the glorifying of God.  Israel is reassured by the kept promises and Egypt by the wrath of the judgment.  We are a hard people to persuade.  We believe what we want to believe.  God’s word has divine proof all around us.  We see people here come along and try to recreate the miracles of Moses.  To a certain extent thy succeed and get the following of the people.

The first of the ten plagues is placed upon Egypt.  The waters of the Nile were turned to blood.  This is more than just a river’s water turning red.  The Egyptians were totally dependent on the Nile.  They worshiped it as a god.  The blood of the Hebrew children that they slew in the river had come back to their remembrance.

The second plague, the frogs, is sent.  Then lice, flies, loss of cattle, boils and blains, and hail.