Exodus 4-6

Moses objects and tells God the people will not believe him.  God gives him the power to work miracles.  We point back to the miracles of Christ today.

Moses leaves with instructions to give the message to Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.  Pharaoh had hardened his heart toward their cries and pleas.  God was prepared for judgment on the Egyptians depending on Pharaoh’s response.

Moses goes astray and the Lord grows angry with him.  When God has given us a direction and we decide to go it on our own or take our own path it displeases Him.  God sent Aaron as a helper for Moses.  The more time they spent together the more they saw it was God’s plan for the two to come together.

Pharaoh continues to be hard toward them and deaf to their concerns.  Moses went to God when the people didn’t receive him on His power.  The Israelites were quick to complain to Pharaoh but did not come to God or God’s man.

God renews his promise with Moses.  We have to realize that apart from God we cannot do anything for Him.  Anything we do apart from Him is to glorify ourselves or in the wrong manner.

Exodus 1-3

Almost 200 years have passed and the Hebrews increased slowly but surely.  Around 70 people went into Egypt.  They were under bondage there, but became a large nation.  Egypt became their house of bondage.  The people began to grow and Egypt saw this as a threat against their way of life and possibly their land.

Pharaoh went to extremes and ordered all Hebrew male children to be drowned.  In this way it was to destroy Israel, the church and God’s people.  When Pharaoh brings his worst God is preparing His response.  God sends Moses as a deliverer.

Pharaoh sets out to destroy Israel yet his daughter nurtures it’s deliverer.  Moses is raised as royalty in Pharaoh’s kingdom, but he knows that he is a Hebrew.  He feels their pain and stands up for them.  After he kills an Egyptian he flees to Midian.

When God comes to Moses in the form of a burning bush He finds Moses working.  God called Moses for a gracious job and Moses was ready.  God sends Moses to deliver Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

Genesis 48-50

Joseph is visiting his father who is near death.  Death for the Christian need not be a fearful time.  The hope we have to see our savior once we leave this world is a comfort.  Jacob blesses the sons of Joseph.

Reuben was the first born of Joseph, but due to sin he had lost his birthright and brought shame upon the family.  Jacob passed away and had very strict guidelines for his body and his funeral.

Joseph’s brothers seek his pardon.  Joseph points them to God and tells them to seek His forgiveness and fear Him.  Joseph has already forgave them and didn’t carry any ill feelings toward them.

Genesis 46-47

Jacob and his family went to Egypt to see his son Joseph.  Joseph meets them with great pleasure and shows no hard feelings towards his brothers.  He wants to accept them into the kingdom but he also knows that the Egyptians look down on shepherds.  He sets them up in some land outside of Canaan.

Pharaoh accepted Joseph’s family in and gave them positions of their calling.  We should not try to be something we are not.  If God has called us to a specific area we should not try to adjust to fit the pleasures of man.  We cannot impress everyone and sometimes anyone.  We must first seek the will of God and please Him.

Genesis 43-45

The famine was still in full effect in Caanan but, they did have money to buy food in Egypt.  We see that no matter how much money or material things we have.  If we have no food we will parish.  We can equate the food to God and the riches with material things.  We can have all the money in the world but we are as poor as a pauper if we don’t have God.  If we have God we are rich in what counts.

Joseph’s brothers came unto him to purchase food.  We see that he received them and treated them to a feast.  He could have turned them away and been bitter against what they had done to him.  Joseph sends his brothers back to bring his father to him.  Joseph’s dad faints when he learns that his son is still alive.

Tomorrow’s Readings: Genesis 46-47