Two Roosters in the Same House

After a long and tiring Friday today was a little bit of a slower pace.  After spending time in the book store and lunch we headed over to our last session of the day.  Pastor Mark Fox was speaking on young men growing into manhood under their dad’s care and leadership.

His five sons joined him on stage and shared personal stories about their relationship.  This was a powerful message that really hit home.  Just like every year, we came to get energized about home schooling and what we can change with the kids to make it better.  Just like every year though, God speaks to me on the things that I need to change to make it a better year.  I’m thankful for Mark and the other speakers for letting God use them to speak to the attendees.

The biggest take away that I got from him was instilling in them a good work ethic.  Give them hard work and keep them occupied so that idleness doesn’t set in.  It was a great session to end the conference with, kind of a charge to leave with.

I have a few take aways from the conference that I will share later on in the week.  Have a great Memorial Day!

NCHE – Bookfair and Lunch

We’re in the middle of our last day here at the conference and the feeling really is bittersweet at this point.  I’m anxious to get home to everyone else yet sad that it will be another year until we will be surrounded by this many homeschoolers again.

We spent some time this morning in the book fair speaking with Jay and Heidi St. John.  Turns out we have a lot in common and they were able to speak some words of encouragement to us that well not soon be forgotten.  We were also able to pick up some books from Lamplighter for B2 our avid reader.  I’ve talked before about how difficult it can be to blindly choose books for him at bookstore or the library, I feel confident that these books will be wholesome stories packed with the adventure that he loves.

We are breaking now to eat lunch from Sweet Potatoes, a BLT with fried green tomatoes, yum!  Next we are heading to a session by Pastor Mark Fox in which I’m sure David will be blogging about this afternoon.


The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance (Session 4)

The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance

Speaker – Heidi St. John

When my husband pushed me I willingly walked into this session I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Would it be crowded?  Are there lots of homeschool moms out there willing to admit that sometimes we can tend to lack a little in the romance department?  Or would it be like a desert place, us moms all knowing full well that our husbands totally understand that we are busy and romance just has to take a back burner?  Well apparently we are an honest group because the huge room was quite full of moms, babies, and yes even a few dads.

As I fully expected Heidi brought it once again.  Homeschooling mom or not we’ve all become victim to the parallel living that Heidi refers to.  I loved her illustration of how  husbands and wives lives should intertwine instead of running parallel.  They must intersect often and the must have Christ at the center of them.

We must stay true to that girl that once pined for his attention, thought he was superman, and made him feel special.  We simply cannot let homeschooling our children or anything else come before keep our marriage.  I think her quote is a clear and realistic view of the dangers of letting this happen.

“If the enemy can take out your marriage he has a clear shot at your kids.” – Heidi St. John

We must take the time to work on our marriage and I think Heidi done a great job of reminding us of that.

For more information on Heidi St. John and her books check out her site.

Learning to Lead

I spent the second session of the day with Pastor Mark Fox in Learning to Lead.  His talk is a synopsis from his new book titled, A Faithful Man.

Mark had three main points during his session today.

– God has put it in the heart of every boy to be a leader

– God provides the resources and the people necessary for every little boy to grow up into a leader

– God has told us in His Word how to be a leader

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