First Day at the NCHE Conference

After a long morning of cleaning house and getting things ready for next week (our first week back at school), David and I headed to the Benton Convention Center for the NCHE Conference.  When we arrived the registration lines were pretty long, unless of course your last name begins with A-G, but I was surprised at how quickly we got through and were on our way to our first sessions.

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Joining the Team

NCHE LogoCasey and I have been added to the NCHE Conference Blogger Team this year.  North Carolinians for Home Education, NCHE, is an organization committed to helping and protecting home education in North Carolina.  We have really enjoyed the conference for the past four years as a time to connect, strengthen and recharge.

We will be live blogging from the conference next Thursday and Friday.  So, what should you expect on the site?  We will be posting highlights from the conference and sessions we attend.  I have been impressed by speakers in the past including Norm Wakefield, John Stonestreet, Jeff Myers, Todd Wilson, Phil Downer and Mark Fox.  The topics run the gambit of strengthening families, relationships, learning styles, financial tips, etc.  Even if you don’t homeschool I think you will enjoy the content of the posts.

We are looking forward to this new aspect of the conference and hope you get something out of it too!