Some Pictures With Sticks

As you can probably tell blogging has been on the back burner recently.  I’m not sure if I just have nothing to say or I just don’t feel like taking the time to say anything but either way, I’ve been less than inspired to write lately.  I’m okay with that though because really living life is more important than recounting it.

Things have been steady around here.  We’ve been getting our garden spot ready for what seems like months and we finally got it planted last weekend.  We’re on a school break for a few more weeks so our days have been a mixture of planned and unplanned activities lately.  We scheduled a late summer vacation and we have a couple of outings planned for May.  I’m ordering and planning for our upcoming school year and our home school conference is right around the corner.

I’m starting to feel much better, overall, than I did a few weeks ago.  I’m a little over 14 weeks now.  We’re debating on whether to find out the sex of the baby or just let it be a surprise.  B1 ran in a local 5K last week, he’s still an avid runner.   B2 has been busy planting random seeds around in our yard.  Who knows what it will look like around here by summertime.  B3 and B4 sometimes practice moves with sticks.

b3b4sticks-2 b3b4sticks-3 b3b4sticks-4 b3b4sticks-5 b3b4sticks-6 b3b4sticks

They also like to play war (the card game).  B5 loves all the mud puddles we’ve had around this spring and enjoys eating clumps of dirt in his free time.

David has been blessed with plenty of freelance work to keep him busy.  Occasionally he has a little free time.

daddysticks-2 daddysticks

I’m making no promises about when I’ll blog again.  Maybe sooner rather than later.



Rest and Renewal

So we took a little time off last week and the week before. It was past time for us to take a break from school (remember we school year-round) and it’s easy to tell when everyone, myself included, needs a break. Our kids have been battling late winter sicknesses for what seems like a month now so we were able to get everyone on the mend over our break. We were also able to start a few outdoor projects that and just catch up on some appointments and things. I took a break from technology as a whole by drastically reducing my computer time and instead read a couple of books and tried learning a little more about knitting. It was nice to just let our minds rest for a while and a good chance for the kids to get some energy out by working outside because, oh my, I think it might actually be spring sometime soon!

But this week we are back at it with renewed minds and eagerness to learn and it’s been a pretty good week so far. The days are getting longer which means more time outside and we’re starting to have a few warm days sprinkled here and there and that makes us all happy and maybe a little sneezy, but at least we can blame it on allergies.

Sometimes all it takes is a little break to remind us of the real blessings in our lives. I’m reminded of the true blessing of homeschooling and how thankful I am to be able to share much more time with my husband these days. I’m thankful everyday for these people that God has chosen to be a part of our family and I love being able to be here with them on a daily basis. We’re also excited to share with everyone that we are expecting a new blessing in the fall. Our hearts are again bursting with thankfulness for this new little person being knitted away, being “fearfully and wonderfully made” as we speak. We can’t wait to meet this perfect addition that God has for us.

A Good Read

Just popping in to encourage you to head over to A Holy Experience and check out her post concerning raising our sons. It’s one of the best things I read on the internet last week and something that should be heavy on our minds as we raise these children we’ve been blessed with.

Chasing Courage…Part 2

In case you missed it you can catch up here with Chasing Courage…Part 1

When kitty decided to dash into the woods instead of heading inside to his nice warm home with multiple sleeping areas, I may have been a little perturbed. We weren’t quite sure what this was supposed to mean. Did Courage see a little of life on the outside and declare himself an outdoor cat? I didn’t really think so, considering he was hidden up under a building acting terrified, but you never know.

David and the boys tried, to no avail, to track him down in the woods. We gave up for the day and left the outside light on that night in case he decided he wanted to come in. David even made a couple of more attempts after the kids were in bed to see if he could see him moving around in the dark, but he was nowhere to be found.

Everyone was disappointed the Sunday morning when there was still no sign of Courage. We talked about the fact that if kitty decided he wanted to live outdoors, we certainly didn’t want to keep him from being happy. After church and lunch the boys decided to try once more to track him down outside the house.

Track him down they did! He was under another building, this time one that belonged to our neighbor. They heard his faint “meow” as they were calling his name. This time they were sure to be calmer hoping that Courage would take it upon himself to come out. After a little coaxing they managed to retrieve him from under the building. They were so excited and quite proud of themselves. So our prodigal cat came back inside. He immediately went through the house greeting everyone, making sure everyone was there. He couldn’t give enough attention, I’m fairly certain he was apologizing for the confusion. He found his favorite sleeping place and gave himself numerous baths.

Everyone is happy that our Courage is back home. You can read about how we ended up with a cat in the first place right here.