Chasing Courage…Part 1

Friday evening it was light enough after supper for David to take the kids out while I cleaned up inside.  At some point during mopping the floor our cat, Courage, decided he too wanted to go outside.  We usually freely let him out of the porch because although he acts curious with his surroundings he’s never attempted to go off the porch.  Eventually the kids came in and we headed to the basement to do haircuts.

The next day around lunch we realized that we hadn’t seen the cat all day.  After a quick search around the house turned up no kitty, I begin to wonder if I had forgotten about him last night.  We determined it was likely that our dear Courage, who gets terrified if the garage door opens, a car drives in the driveway, or an animal walks down the sidewalk was probably outside and had been outside all night long.

Everyone begin to search outdoors, there were some tears shed, and I felt really, really bad.  After walking around the house calling kitty I finally heard a faint “meow” come from under our building.  Everyone huddled around the building, thinking surely Courage would emerge from the building and be ready to come in.  Just when we approached the area he was at, he shot from underneath the building and ran straight into the woods.  Courage would spend, yet another night outside.

to be continued…..


Birthday Photos

Every year I try to take photos of the kids around their birthdays.  I love to see how they’ve grown from year to year and although I try to be vigilant about pictures anyway, the yearly birthday photos are a requirement.

As most of you probably know this requires a tad bit of pre-thought because, well…my kids aren’t always dressed appropriate for photos.  So as to not have to inconvenience anyone by making them put on decent clothes I just chose to grab B1 and B2 yesterday afternoon as we were heading back to church.  Although it was lovely outside, the lighting wasn’t really ideal but I’m pretty happy with the final product.  Enjoy.

Happy, happy, happy #10

Dear B2,

Saturday I watched you roller skate.  You fell, a lot, and never once did that bother you.  Actually, you had a great time, which isn’t unlike most of your days.  You seem to ooze joy out of every part of you, and I love it.  Not only can you find joy in every situation, you bring it to everyone else you’re around.

Today you turn 10, the first of many two digit years you’ll see.  It’s amazing the things you’ve learned in 10 years, and the ways that you’ve grown.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you B2.  I truly believe that no matter what it is, you will put everything you have into it and you’ll have a good time along the way.

Thank you for bringing so much joy to this house.  Thank you for constantly keeping us on our toes, for asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to, for teaching me to embrace life and enjoy the ride.   Happy Birthday B2, we love you!

Oh Winter..

I haven’t really taken that many snow pictures this year.  Our snows haven’t amounted to much, they’ve been more of the messy, wet kind.  This was an interesting, short lived snow we had a few weeks ago.  I love that you can actually see the shape of a snowflake.

Although the kids would be okay with more, I’m ready for spring to roll in any day now.

Pine Car Derby Results

Last weekend was the big pine car derby race at church.  All of the B’s had a car except for B5 and they all had a large part in creating their own cars.  B1 and B2 were able to do about 90% of the work themselves while B3 and B4 had to have a bit more help.

B1’s car is on the left here.  I named it the Ocean Pacific car, it reminded me of ocean waves, and summer, and sun, or maybe Hawaii…oh Hawaii.  We’ll just say it reminded me of happiness.

Here’s a really bad picture of B2’s and B3’s cars.  B2 is the blue car with the flame in the right lower corner, B3’s is the red #5 at the bottom.

Here’s B4 with her “magic wand” car, as you can see she’s nervous with anticipation.

As always, we had some pretty impressive cars.

Very creative these folks are.

Can you believe this is a derby car?

The competition was pretty stiff this year, but we managed to take home one trophy.

Don’t let this face fool you, B4 was ecstatic about her win.  She proudly displays her trophy in her room, where all of her brothers can admire it.