Mind Dump Tuesday

I just posted eh er in July.  It has been awhile.  I wanted to post a mind dump because that is typically how my mind works.

There has been some sickness going around the house for the past week.  It caught up with me on Friday and I’ve been feeling it ever since.  I went to the doctor for the first time in 15 years back in April for a physical.  It has been awhile since I have gotten sick.  This one sent me to the urgent care.  I have never been in one before.  I went early Sunday before they opened and waited at the door so I could be first to be seen.

There was only one person there in front of me.  Lucky me, he showed me why he was there.  “Look at this skin infection on my arm.”  He was showing it off like a gold medal.  I took a half step back and made a noise of approval at how bad it was.  In my mind I’m thinking, “NOPE!”  I didn’t even turn to look at it.

I bet that place is full of ……. stories!

The boys took a Taekwondo camp last week through 4h.  It ended Friday with B1, B2 and B3 breaking boards with their hands and feet.  I have it on video, but haven’t transferred it yet.  Just beware!

I got a text message from my brother this morning that started out, “Hey Baby!”  That woke me up.  Obviously meant for his fiance.  Yes, fiancee.  Uncle Ricky is engaged.

I have a small whole in my eardrum from my sickness last weekend.  B1, with his dry humor.  Ok daddy, everyone has holes in their ears.  Hahaha….

Casey has been a wonderful nurse and care giver during my time of need 🙂  I love you!

I had to take some pretty strong pain killers after I had all my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago.  The first medicine I took the day before gave me hiccups for almost a day.  The medicine after made me hallucinate.  I only took one dose.

After not getting sleep for a couple of nights I started drifting in and out of vivid dreams.  We had just watched a recap of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta with Dominic Moceanu doing a floor routine to The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  Anyway, the dream went like this:

The devil challenged me to do some gymnastics to see if I could get better.  The dream went on for awhile and I tried my hardest but couldn’t quite stick the landings.

What is the interpretation of this dream?  Pray for me…..

I told Casey if she saw woke up and saw me doing gymnastics in the room to tie me down.

B4’s 3rd birthday is coming up on Saturday and we have some big plans.  She is excited and so are we.  Hopefully we will have plenty of pictures to share on her big day!

Did any of you eat at Chic-Fil-a last week?

Are any of you watching the Olympics?  What is your favorite event(s)?  I really enjoy track, mostly because you can only watch it every four years.  More specifically I like the 200 and 400m.  Those are still to come.

The NBC coverage has come under some criticism this year.  I’m ok with the tape delay prime time coverage.  It was a little irksome when they ran a commercial right before the one of the swimming races last week that told the winner.  In the scope of things, who cares.

After seeing some of the coverage it has made me want to pack up and take everyone to London though.

These past few weeks have been a practice of patience that God has been trying to teach me.  He is moving and I so want to run ahead to the destination.  If I know where He wants me I should just jump right in, correct?  God works in His perfect order.  I am to follow and I am happy to follow.  His perfect path, His perfect leading.  I just have to stay close!

Monday Mind Dump

Whew, what a week holds!  We are enjoying summer around here and have been pretty much exhausted at night.

– We have enjoyed early morning pool runs on Saturdays.  Casey has been taking the kids over during the week after school.  B3 is swimming like a dolphin now, his words not mine.  It is so fun to see him one day not leave his float and then the next start to swim.  The older two boys are trying to master the diving board.  B2 is pretty good as long as he jumps out far enough.  B1 can do the pencil and the belly flop.  B4 just floats around the water like a ballerina.

-Speaking of B4, she is getting in that truthful stage.  The past few weeks she has not been afraid of speaking her mind.  The other morning she told me she really didn’t like the tie I was wearing. “Daddy, I don’t like that tie.  Change it.”  and my favorite.  “Daddy, you have the biggest rear in the house”  Thanks sweetie!

– B4’s birthday is this week and he is counting down the minutes.  I think he is worried we are going to forget it.  I can’t believe he is going to be 5!

– B1 is convinced he wants to race bikes.  We found a kids triathlon that B1 and B2 may compete in.  I told them they had to show me they could finish before we would agree.  If they get tired on the bike they could walk.  If they get tired running they could walk.  If they get tired swimming they will sink.  I don’t want any kids sinking….

– God is really moving in some areas we have been praying for the past few months.  It is exciting and scary at the same time!

– We are on day 2 of memorizing verses.  I’ve been good so far, but it may get embarrassing as we go along with this old mind.

–  I had a discussion with a couple of co-workers today about wedding pictures.  We had a great photographer when we got married.  One co-worker got married last month and is receiving a CD with all his pictures.  The other co-worker was married six years ago and was upset because they didn’t get the CD.  Then there was me, I had the sudden realization that when we got married there was no option for digital pictures.

– The new swing set has been a big hit.  I’m sure we’ll post on it later on.  Everyone has enjoyed it.  We have only had one accident on it since we’ve had it.  B2, after watching the Olympic trials and grandma’s house, wanted to recreate some gymnastics on the monkey bars.  I looked over and saw him bouncing off the ground.  He is fine, but needless to say, he did not get a 10 or stick the landing.

– We bought some snap-pops, sparklers and a few other random things a few weeks ago at Target for the 4th. The cashier stopped and asked Casey to see her ID.  She was a little stunned and asked why.  Who knew you have to be 18 to purchase snap pops?

Have a great Fourth of July week!

Monday Mind Dump

Chic Fila Sauce – that is all

I’m done with doctors for awhile.  I went for a physical and blood work last week.  That was the first time in twelve years that I have been to the doctor.  I would be ok with waiting another 12 years to go back.

Last tests came back good as well! Praise God!

I love my wife!

It’s spring time and with this wonderful weather comes the dreaded yard work.

This crazy cat doesn’t calm down at night.  He likes to hunch his back and hop sideways on all fours all the way across the room at me.

The beach trip has been scheduled!  Everyone had their questions about the place we were staying.  The most important one came from B3.  “Does it have a parking garage?”

Don’t forget to vote this year.  Make sure you read the ballot correctly.  Early voting starts Thursday.

We had a missionary family at our church last night from Romania.  They had a young adopted daughter who was autistic that sang The Old Rugged Cross.  She has a brain tumor and they are waiting for her citizenship to go through before she can have surgery.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

I’m sad to see the boys grow, but I know it is a necessity.  We might as well enjoy it right?  This includes giving them tasks like grinding stumps and washing cars.

I was carrying B4 to get her shower the other night.  Everyone was sitting on the bed when I picked her up and she gave them a look and said quietly, “Hey, you wanna fight?”

I guess a princess needs to know how to take care of herself.

B3 and B4 were playing ball the other night.  B3 announced that they were now playing dodge ball.  “Hey B4, I’m going to dodge you with they ball!”

We have gotten to Romans, one of my favorite books of the Bible in our family Bible reading.

Have a great week!

And…we're back Mind-Dump Monday

So our break was nice but today was the day that our “normal” needed to resume and so it did, I guess. Normal is a relative term though because our normal can vary quite a bit from day to day but normal in that David was back at work and we were here doing our thing. We hope everyone had wonderful holidays, I know we did. Now let’s let the mind-dumping proceed.

– We were blessed to be able to purchase a keyboard for the kids for Christmas. B1 and I have been going over the lessons together (we also purchased a computer program to learn how to play), it’s been fun learning together. B2 and David are also learning the guitar together. It’s been a great bonding experience with the older kids.

– We had our annual fondue night for New Year’s Eve, I tried to tailor the dinner to fit more into David’s new eating program. Nothing special, just eat less and more healthy. But, we did eat fondue (in moderation of course), and it was yummy. Pictures to come later.

– Speaking of pictures we had 200+ of them printed the other day because we’ve not been so good about actually printing out the pictures that we take. It’s nice to see them in hard copy.

– If you’ve been around David and I lately you’ll be happy to know that we are still married even though our rings have been in the shop. It’s true, after 11 years apparently jewelry needs a little maintenance performed. We’re hoping to get them back soon.

– We enjoyed a lovely Christmas service and New Years Day service at church, such special times to worship in the Lord’s house.

– Our newest little guy has been sleeping 6-8 hours a night the last few nights and it’s been so nice to get some extra sleep. But I have to say it’s a tiny bit sad because it’s just another sign that he’s growing so quickly.

That’s all the time I can manage today but there is still so much to say about the holidays including some funny video clips, photos, and stories. It may take us a few weeks to deliver it all but we’re hoping to remember them so we can share. I’ve only got one picture to share tonight, it’s B3 before church. When did he get so big?

Monday Mind Dump

Overheard in the house tonight.  B2 was reading a book about the science behind rockets and asked me if I knew what something was.  “Really daddy, you’ve never heard of *insert term here?”  “No, B2 I’m not a rocket scientist.”  Oh how true that statement is.

B2 taught me how to play chess this weekend.  He beat me, I didn’t even see it coming.  Not sure if I want a rematch or not.

B1 has been into baking the past few weeks.  He made a pecan/chocolate chip pie for Thanksgiving after finding out from Casey no one was bringing one.  He also made a buttermilk pie last night, that I only got a small piece of.

I got to be a dessert judge at our office potluck lunch last week.  I think I missed my calling.  Can you be a professional food judge?

Also overheard in the house tonight, “The only thing I know about Niagara Falls is it’s in Nigeria.”

I do not know anything about the movie, “I bought a zoo”.  I haven’t seen a movie in forever.  But I think it would be awesome to buy a zoo.

Are our kids the only ones that can recall things that happened forever ago that I have forgotten?  I guess I am getting old.  It is funny to see the things that they remember.

B1 made duct tape ties for church last night.  He sported a red one with a snowman sticker on it.  He made B3 a bowtie which he wore proudly.

For the record I do not like playing the game, “Daddy, is that a man or a woman?” in the parking lot.  Casey had to get something from Walgreens the other day on our way back home.  We pulled in beside one of those redbox kiosks while she ran into the store.  Six or seven people pulled in to pick up or drop off movies while we were parked.  More than half of those sparked a conversation between B1 and B2 with me being the final decider.  It gave us a great opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics.

Am I the only one who would like to put their kids in blinders to take them into the world sometimes.  Between seeing some people, shirt sayings, bumper stickers, billboards, magazine covers, etc.