Mind Dump…Whatever Day This Is

I took this photo about 5 minutes ago, with my computer, notice my new blogging buddy.  And if you could only smell his newborness through this computer, you would be in love as much as I am!


He enjoys being held and I’m happy to oblige.  We took some newborn photos of B5 last week.  I don’t particularly like taking photos inside, but I thought they turned out pretty good for our first attempt.  We’ll definitely be sharing those, just not today.  🙂  These guys decided they needed to get in on the photo action also.

Speaking of photos, B1 came in second place in a photo contest!  He took photos at an art display we attended a while ago.  This photo won second place, which got him a $100.00 gift certificate and a free canvas print of one of his photos.


Exciting right?  We’re very proud of his accomplishment and I have to say, he has a pretty good eye for taking photos.

B2 is at the orthodontist as we speak, picking up his retainer that he was fit for a couple of weeks ago.  I was hoping to avoid orthodontist costs for a few more years, but it was pretty obvious that he would need some early intervention.  I also needed early orthodontic care as a child.  I’m a bit nervous about him being able to keep up with the retainer, but I have faith that he will be vigilant with it’s care.

B3 is very attached to B5 and has been since before he was even born.  He was always rubbing my belly, talking to him.  It surprised me a little and I sure didn’t think it would last after his birth but he continues to be very interested in him.  He asks to hold him multiple times a day and he’s very loving towards him.

I’m making pasta with a pumpkin sauce tonight for supper.  I was able to watch a bit of Food Network while at the hospital and I really love pumpkin, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

And.. it looks like my time is up for now, have a great week everyone.

Mind Dump Monday – Landing Planes and Such

“We’re circling the airport”, is what the doctor said this past week at my now weekly appointment.  I guess he’s right although, there are probably a few more things I should get done before baby boy decides to make an appearance.  My weekly email tells me to install the infant seat in the car, but that seems a bit premature.  As much as I would like to think that this baby would come so fast we simply wouldn’t have time to grab the car seat before rushing out the door, I’m thinking that will probably not be the case.  It also tells me I might want to make some meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer, yeah I’ll get right on that too.  All I really feel like doing at this point is eating something chocolate every two hours or so, it doesn’t seem to cause much indigestion, that and I like chocolate.  I’m feeling okay though for the most part.  My foot tendonitis appears to be getting better so I have been able to resume a bit more activity the last few days.

B3 has a fever today so I’m praying that we can all endure whatever virus this is and be well before the baby comes.  The idea of having an infant during cold and flu season makes me want to lock everyone on the house for the next four months or so. People with three or less kids probably don’t think about things like that.  Once you have more than that you start to do these weird equations in your head to help you figure out when the next child will get sick based on when they were first exposed and how long it will take the entire family to get over whatever illness has reared it’s ugly head.  Pray for me and my lack of faith concerning such things.

We were able to finish up our room rearranging this weekend.  Our schoolroom is now on the same floor as where the baby will be during the day which will be much easier to manage.  The boys all share a bedroom as before and B4 has her own little room off of the schoolroom.  The playroom along with most of the toys in the house are now in the basement.  Our bedroom is child free for the moment, that won’t last long though.  I’m hoping we can stick with this arrangement for a while, it seems to be working so far.

B1 and B2 have enjoyed the change in whether lately, they spend a good amount of time outside cracking open various nuts that have fallen off of trees.  B3 doesn’t understand why it gets dark so soon in the evenings and B4 is still playing in the sand box and talking about the beach (that’s my girl still longing for summertime).  All I really enjoy about fall is pumpkin spice latte’s from Starbucks but this is David’s time of year so I’ll pretend I like it a little.

If you would please keep our family in your prayers, for the safe “landing of our plane”, and various other things the Lord knows all about.  And, if we can pray for your family about something please let us know.  Have a great week everyone!

Mind Dump Monday – 5 weeks and counting

So it’s that time during this pregnancy where I try and squeeze in all these appointments that need to be taken care of before baby boy is born.  Three of us spent 2+ hours at the dentist this morning and we’ll head back there again tomorrow to finish those up.  Tomorrow afternoon holds an unanticipated appointment for myself (not baby related) and next week one of our blessings will go to their first orthodontist appointment for an evaluation.  Now if I can just talk my dear husband into making his eye appointment we may be in good shape for a while.

In addition to appointments, the impending arrival of baby chicks, and (hopefully) a new AC unit in our near future we’ve made plans to do some room rearranging.  We decided on our recent vacation that our schoolroom needed to be closer (instead of two floors away) to where the baby will spend most of his time.  All of this rearranging will require some furniture moving and since furniture moving = sweat we decided to wait until we can get our new AC unit in place and working.  Why has it taken so long to get a new AC unit anyway?  Well, that’s a whole different story but we’ve been thankful for the slightly cooler whether during the past week.

We’re at about 5 weeks and counting until baby’s due date or about 2 weeks until this pregnancy is full term which is always a nice milestone to reach.  I may be a bit jealous of our baby chicks that are due to arrive sometime around this Thursday.  Everyone is anxious and excited, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of photos to share.  Turns out that all of our eggs appeared to be fertilized except for one so it will be interesting to see how many baby chicks we end up with.

We had every intention of taking some pregnancy photos this time around, but it just didn’t happen.  So if you’re wondering how large I am at this point here ya go.  This is as close as a close-up gets at this stage.  🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Monday Mind Dump

It seems like I have gotten the past few Mondays on the rotation.  So everyone gets another Mind Dump Monday.

A few weeks ago I told B3 that he had to spit his gum out before he took a nap.  He asked me why of course.  I told him it would fall out of his mouth and get in his hair and then we would have to cut all of his hair off.  I heard him get up from his nap this weekend and go into the bathroom with Casey.  “Momma, it’s a miracle.  I fell asleep with my gum and it didn’t get in my hair!”  Hopefully that won’t turn into a habit.

When we were looking for a vehicle back in November/December we drove to Winston-Salem and talked to a few people.  We test drove a car that we didn’t buy, thank goodness!  The dealer told us he would call us back if he could find something on another lot.  Fast forward nine months later, he called earlier tonight to see if we had bought a vehicle.

I was getting ready to weedeat Friday night when a yellow jacket flew up my pants and stung me on the knee.  It was under our large gas can and came out when I moved it.  A couple of weeks ago we used that gas can to get rid of a nest.  I’m pretty sure he was waiting to get revenge.

July 5th Mind Dump

Holiday Blogging Vacation was nice and I can’t remember what has happened since then.

We celebrated B3’s birthday yesterday with a cookout that included football, baseball, snap-pops, hot dogs, cake, candy and a pinata.

I headed over to the garden last week to see what I could pick after a couple days of rain.  I got to pick a few ticks off of my legs.  That was it.

B3 usually fights nap time a little bit.  Monday I told him he was going to have to take a nap in a little bit so he would be ready for the party.  About 15 minutes later everyone was looking for him.  I peeked in his room and he had already got into bed and fell asleep.  Today he was back to his normal self, refusing to nap.

B4 has insisted on sleeping in a hat for the past few nights.  You know there comes a point and time when you just give in and go with it.

B1, B2 and I went to Walmart Saturday to pick up a few things and they wanted to buy a present for B3’s birthday.  It was funny watching what they thought he would like.  I had to reel them back in when it was obvious they were shopping for themselves.

B3 was positive that he wanted crab cakes for his birthday.  I still don’t think he understands that a crab cake isn’t a regular cake with a crab on top.  He will be sorely disappointed when I finally get him some crab cakes.

I was getting ready to leave this morning and I heard B4 coming around the corner.  I came running at her and told her by.  She backed up, eyes really big, a huge smile and laughingly said, “Haha, dadda you scared me”  Oh, how she melts me.

We had a bear running through our city last week.  He didn’t make it to our house, but the boys were outside and ready to catch it.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and continue to enjoy the independence and freedom we have.  Our pastor preached on the dependance we have on Christ.  What a great feeling to know that we have an independence to exercise dependence on Christ.  Thank God that we can worship and praise openly.  Now, go out and do it!