He’s Three



This little guy turned three today.  He really likes the beach!  He also enjoys, chicken (to eat), yogurt, and anything that resembles dessert (that’s actually his favorite).  He uses his siblings old workbooks and does “school” at the table with us.  He pretends to be all kinds of things, and is really good at taking care of his sisters’ dolls.

ezra3-3 ezra3-2


He’s a little sneaky and has a killer smile.  Like all of our kids he holds his own special place in this family that couldn’t possibly be filled otherwise.  We love so much Ezra, Happy Birthday!





Today our littlest one turns 1!

Liddie4 Liddie3

She’s walking, babbling, and just generally voicing her opinion about everything.  Her dimples and array of expressions….oh my.  We’ve been so blessed with this little one and are so very glad God decided to place her here with us.




Happy Birthday to our sweet one-year-old.  We love you, our little Liddie bug!


Happy Birthday B3

seven, Seven, SEVEN!  We can’t believe you are turning seven tomorrow!  I came across a picture of you and your older brothers when we brought you home from the hospital.  It seems like just a few weeks ago when that picture took place.  Time has flown by and you are growing into a great young man.  You love to play with B6 and can always bring a smile to her face.  I’m guessing you got your suave snappy dressing from me, but don’t tell your mom!
Nolan 7th-2

You’re still hanging onto that last tooth in front.  You bring a new meaning to loosing teeth.  You really lose them when you lose them.  I think you’ve had only one tooth you could put under your pillow for the tooth fairy.

Nolan 7th-3

I love it when you come and sit beside me in school to read a chapter out of your Bible.  You are very thoughtful and take time for every decision no matter how small to make sure that it is the right one.

Nolan 7th-4 Nolan 7th-5 Nolan 7th


You are a great big brother to your younger brother and sisters.  They love playing and laughing with you.  You wake up in the morning full of energy and keep it until you finally fall asleep at night.  It’s great to see your knowledge in God grow and your desire to know Him more grow as well.  We can’t wait to see what He has for you in the future.  We hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and we know you will love your gifts!  We love you very much!

Which Song?

Ever since B5 was born I’ve had a special song for her.  I think it started one day a few weeks after she was born.  She was laying on the bed and I sang to her and she started smiling.  I was hooked.  I would sing the song and she would smile.  I use the word song loosely.  It is really only a line of an Aaron Neville song, which of course I sing in his voice.

Fast forward a few years and she rolls her eyes when I sing it to her now.  She enjoys singing to us and we sing together all the time.  After watching a princess movie the other night thoughts turned to frilly dresses and dancing princesses.

That night before bed I asked her what song she wanted me to sing at her wedding.  I was asking as a joke, but her answer couldn’t been more real.  With a straight face she answered:

A Silent One.

Everyone was on the bed after devotionals and a huge burst of laughter cleared the air.  I love that girl!

Dear Diary

moleskineJournaling has been a pretty popular topic  this past month as people look back over 2013 and evaluate last year.  I have never been one to journal, but do carry a notebook around at work for meetings and to record notes.  I’ve filled up two of these Moleskine notebooks with nothing too important.  If my kids look back at these some day they won’t really learn much, maybe my approach to a website a few sermon notes or a little business brainstorming.

Teddy Roosevelt, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Winston Churchill are a few men I have read accounts of the past few months that have journaled.  Those and some men that I admire that journal have pushed me to edge to start journaling.  Finally, I read an article a few weeks ago about a man whose grandpa journaled every day starting when he was 15.  These journals included his work on a sheep farm, WWII, and raising a family.  These accounts proved priceless to his kids, grandkids and probably future generations.  I don’t think I’ll have a shortage of thoughts to write about.  I wouldn’t be as worried with being too open as I often am with posting on the Internet.  What God has been doing in our lives, scripture that has really meant a lot that day, little things that are going on, funny sayings.  No, I don’t think I’ll have a shortage.  And I guess it could lead to a great book down the road. 🙂

B2 has a head start from Casey and I.  He started journaling last year.  He has already filled at least two notebooks full of his day to day actions.  I’ve resisted from peeking into what he sees as important.  I’ve settled on the notebook, I have the pen, and now all I have to do is write.  That always seems to be the problem, right?

So, any journalers out there have any tips for Casey and I?