In the Dark

I took the opportunity yesterday during my computer classes to teach the kids about copyright issues.  Many of them took the side of “if you’re not going to get caught it is ok” mentality.  Isn’t it funny how a lot of people never leave this stage in their lives.  Yes, I did try to set them straight with one of my favorite quotes.

Character is what you are in the dark.

I had to search to see who this quote was attributed to.  You know, give them the proper credit.  I was surprised to see that most attributed it to DL Moody.  I have read behind a lot of his sermons and guess I picked it up from there at some point.

How many times in a day do we think something is OK because no one saw it or no one will found out?  I’m not talking about when you trip over that rock and you check to see if anyone saw you.  Those things you try to justify in your mind even though you know are wrong.  This may sound like a simple Sunday School lesson, but I think sometimes we need to be reminded.

Christ is with us.

“And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.”—Ephesians 4:30



Tears of joy, tears of anger, tears of sadness, tears of sympathy  we could go on and on with the different kinds of tears we have shed.  When was the last time you let the tears flow?  Men don’t cry!  Yeah right.  I’m not talking about watching Field of Dreams and getting goosebumps.  I’m talking about something that stirs your heart and even though you try to fight them back they come.  You don’t forget those times.  They stick with you.  It is like the tears are a permanent stamp to cement those times in your mind.

Individual tears are memorable, but shared tears are moving.  Tears shared with family members, friends, spouses or children.  One of our children came to me in tears after our devotionals last Monday night.  The innocence, conviction, concern and faith that were encapsulated in those tears were amazing.  The true tears of a child are so pure.  Adult hearts have become so hard it is almost impossible for some of us to go back to that place.  When God moves on our hearts and we know that conviction is upon us we can shake it off with no problem.  We have to come to a point when we can no longer stand the heavy burden and we are almost broke before we can give in to Him.

Thank God that childlike faith is available to all of us.  It is a great thing to be able to experience every day in our children.  We are supposed to be disciplining our children, but if we take the time we can learn so much from them.  Shared tears with a young one accepting Christ.  Nothing compares.

A Word For 2012

I sit rocking in the chair with the tiniest one in my arms.  He’s tired and needs a bit of attention while the older ones do math and the younger ones have an activity to keep them busy.  I start to hear the voices increase and hear feet all around, running around the room and going down the stairs.  For a moment I feel defeated.  I’ve only ask them to work quietly while I get the baby to fall asleep.  Was that really too much?

My mind goes back to January 1st.  That day that we sat in our bedroom and resolved to ask God to help us with things this year.  My thing, seeing the everyday blessings and thanking Him for them more purposefully.  I start to name them out loud, I talk to myself over the muffled noise of feet from the next room.

1.  these tiny feet cupped in my arms

2.  those big feet doing division in the schoolroom

3.  those slightly smaller feet matching Dominos in the floor

4.  the quiet of this room

5.  doors that close away the noise

6.  a husband who willingly takes a son to an orthodontist appointment

7.  Him walking with us during changes

8.  His sacrifice

9.  His promises, kept, always

They keep pouring out just like the breath of this little one, now sleeping peacefully.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1Thessalonians 5:18

My word for this year, Praise.

Our New Look – And A Very Merry Christmas

Hopefully by now everyone can see our new design, it may have a few small changes yet to come but I’m loving the new look.  Thanks to my husband for his hard work to get it designed and working over the last two days, he truly is great at his job!  You’ll noticed we’ve tweaked our name a bit to reflect the fact that, while our children are certainly blessings in our lives, our blessings are many and we’re praising God for every one of them.

The much anticipated days are just hours away now and we would like to extend a big MERRY CHRISTMAS from our home to yours!

Enjoy your families, eat lots of wonderful food, find an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else and find some quiet time as a family to praise God for all that you have as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  We love you all!

-The Mortons


We have been going through an Advent devotional series since the last Sunday in November.  Advent comes from a latin word mean coming.  We seek out these devotionals not only because it helps us focus on what Christmas is all about.  It also gets our minds and hearts set on Christ’s return.  The devotionals are short compared to what we have been doing, reading a chapter a day, but gives us the time to reflect on the magnitude of the coming of Christ.

Yesterday our reading covered the angel Gabriel coming to Mary.  I came across this quote concerning the enormous weight that Mary must had felt.

Take courage, young mother, you build more than you see.

I think back to the birth of Christ and the overwhelming and joyous feeling that brought Mary and Joseph.  Then I think how I feel as a parent sometimes, overwhelmed.  We’re not raising the Saviour, but we are building little ones made in His image.  We must take courage in the fact that what we are doing now is making a difference.  The world is not going to understand our decisions, friends and our own family may not agree with them, but we must take courage and comfort in the fact that we are trying to build something.  Something that is not focused on pleasing self or man, but a life that is based on pleasing Christ.

During this Advent time, take courage, take it in all things that you do.  He came as a baby in a manger.  Our Messiah did the will of the father for 33 years and laid His life down for our sins.  He rose from the borrowed tomb and we presently, eagerly await His coming again.