Number Six Turns Four

In some ways it seems like you can’t possibly be turning four, that means you’re very close to Kindergarten and ready for a big kid booster seat.  In other ways you seem like you’ve been doing big kid things for a while, but I guess that’s to be expected, you have a hefty load of siblings to emulate on a daily basis.  Here’s what’s been going on with you lately.

  • You are so very loving to our new little one that will be arriving soon.  I’m praying that continues when she actually arrives.  You have big plans to fix her hair (assuming she has some), hold her, and give her a bath, among other things.  You love to feel her move, you give her kisses constantly, and don’t even mind when she tries to kick you off of my lap.  I’m praying you two will be best buddies.
  • You have this ability to get into a zone while playing, and have an amazing imagination.  You have certainly mastered the art of playing alone.
  • You are a bit picky about food.  You love cheeseburgers (who doesn’t) and pizza.  All other preferences are subject to change on a daily or hourly basis.
  • You are cuddly.  I just love this, and I hope you stay this way forever.
  • Everyone knows when you aren’t happy about something.  I’ll just say you wear your emotions on your sleeve.
  • You like all things girly.  I’m going to embrace this at the moment because I know that it’s quite possible that in a couple of more years you may be more on the tomboyish side (because, so. many. brothers) but for now, yes you may wear that dress today.

We just love you our Liddiebug and can’t wait to see the young lady that you continue to grow into.  Happy Birthday!

Happy Number Eight, and You’re Never Leaving the House

Today we took you out to lunch to celebrate year number eight and broke the news to you that you weren’t allowed to get any older.  Since you weren’t too happy about that we compromised and said you just couldn’t ever leave our house.  We feel like it’s a happy medium.

I’ll start by reminding you that we never expected to have a little girl, I mean there are three brothers before you.

But boy, are we glad that God saw fit to give you to us.  You’re a ball of sunshine for sure.  You bring so much laughter and smiles on a daily basis. You can find the joy in all things and every situation.  You’re my little girl who loves girly things but can also appreciate playing and working hard and even sweating on occasion.  You’re the best helper that one could have, and you never mind stepping in where you’re needed.

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have hand-picked a better daughter.

We love you our beautiful strawberry blonde, freckled first born girl!  We can’t wait to see what your future holds.  And assuming we have to both let you grow up and leave the house one day, we’re praying that we can continue to guide you with His help to be exactly what He desires you to be!

Happy eighth birthday, we love you!

Happy Birthday to Our Lover of Outdoors, Fire, and Sharp Things

The day before your 14th birthday we spent surrounded by family, fire, and the outdoors.  There aren’t three things that I can think of that you love any more, except maybe knives and camping.  This year has found you making great progress with Civil Air Patrol, doing service work out of town, thriving in your first year of high school, loving your Biology class, making new friends, and having some great new experiences.

Your heart for people still amazes me.  You will never know the effect that your kind words and affection do for other people.

We pray for you daily as we navigate these teenage years together.  There will continue to be ups and downs, lots of room for growth and learning, many chances to offer grace.

We just love you so much and pray that you have a wonderful  birthday today, and that you spend time outside in your favorite space doing the things that you love!

Happy Birthday, we’re new at this…

gavyn15blog-2   The good news is we’ve been 15 before, the bad news we’ve never parented a 15-year- old before.

So while you’re enjoying all the new experiences and exciting times that comes with these years, we’re sitting in a corner rocking back and forth.  I’m kidding,….well mostly.


In the last eight months you’ve spent a week away from home, taken Driver’s Ed, spent many evenings learning at the fire department, been on two weekend hiking trips with Civil Air Patrol, done relief work after a natural disaster, made it over halfway through your first year of high school, learned to play Foo Fighters on the guitar (bless you), and today….your drivers permit.  And yes I’m sure I’ve blocked out a few things as well.


All of that to say, we are so proud of you, and a tiny bit terrified.

But here’s our promise to you.  We will continue to seek His guidance and try to get more things right than wrong.  We will love you no matter what and offer grace when it’s needed.  But we’re going to get things wrong sometimes just like you are, and we’re going to need a little grace ourselves.


We love that we are getting to take this journey with you and we are praying daily for you and for us, that we can be the parents that He desires for us to be.

So Happy 15th Birthday to our oldest child, we’re in for this ride, let’s do this!

Next Up..

We have a new five-year-old in the house.  He’s been so excited about his birthday for months.  He’ll start kindergarten next year, how crazy does that seem?


This little guy is so fun to be around.  He’s maybe a bit dramatic, which makes him so funny.  It may also get him into trouble sometimes.


He told me yesterday he thought that he would stop whining now and listen better, since he’s bigger and all.


We love you Ezra, happy birthday!  We can’t wait to see what this year holds for you son!