VBS Week – This time last year

Posting will be pretty sporadic this week due to Vacation Bible School.  I was going to pull some older stories and post them for you to enjoy.  I looked at the date and realized this time last year I was in Haiti.  Please take a look back with me and read some of the posts from last year and a video of some of the photos.

A photo slideshow I put together a few months ago with one of my favorite songs.

An article I wrote for our internal employee newsletter.

The need for clean water in Haiti.

Reflection and new friends.

WayBack Wednesday – Earning Money

Casey has talked within the last week about chores for the kids.  B2 has been asking recently about how he could earn some extra money so he can save it.  Money burns a hole in B1’s pocket.  All the kids are saving for something.  B1 – anything he has money to buy, B2 – a hamster or a laptop (depending on the day, and B3 informed me he was saving up his money for an alligator.

In the spirit of entrepreneurial spirit I wanted to share a picture of the lemonade stand the boys had a few years ago.  I have a feeling we will see this at some point this summer.